My name is Alexandra, I’m a French translator and teacher, based in Biarritz, France.
I have a passion for languages and cultures and I’m happy to dedicate my professional life to languages!
French, English and Spanish have been my working languages for more than 15 years.

I’ve gained an in-depth knowledge of the business world, as I’ve been working for many years in multinational companies, in France and abroad, and thanks to my international travels.

TRANSLATIONFrench translator

English > French translation
Spanish > French translation
French / Spanish interpreter

I can translate websites, press releases, newsletters, etc. in many fields, but my main areas of specialisation are:
. marketing
. business and management
. tourism, travel and leisure
. social: human rights, gender equality…
. fashion
. medical: general, healthcare, osteopathy
. paper industry

Recent translation projects:
. translation SP-FR of press releases for a fashion brand
. translation SP-FR for a dictionary
. translation EN-FR for a language learning application
. proofreading SP-FR medical training documentation


I teach French and Spanish.
We can have face-to-face lessons in Biarritz (France), or online lessons via Skype.
I organize your lessons based on your level and objectives.

+33 (0)670.67.06.80

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